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Soon after returning from the GCA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, South Side President Tina Mattimore, GCA Reps Cindy Mullin and Mary Miller, along with Delegate Barbara Keller, attended the Zone III Meeting in Cooperstown, NY on May 16-18. Our club was well represented at the Flower Show, “What’s Brewing…?”, presented by the Lake and Valley Garden Club, with winning entries in Horticulture, Flower Design and Photography.  Mary Miller won two First Place ribbons, three Third Place and one Second Place for her plants and cuttings in Division II/Horticulture.  Liz Atwood was given a Third in Horticulture for propagation, and Cindy Mullin’s Horticulture entry was recognized with an Honorable Mention, as well. Michelle Pittman was awarded for her cutting and she and Jeanmarie Sheehan received Second Place for their Mini Arrangement in Division I/Floral Design, Class 6 “Beer Pong”.  In Division III/Photography, Class 6 “Head for the Hills“, it was a blue ribbon, First Place, for Mary Ann Moynihan.  Good showing, Ladies!



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